Signals Midwest

Signals Midwest has been a band since 2008. Founded in a basement in Cleveland Heights, OH, they have played almost 400 shows in nearly every U.S. state and 13 other countries. They've released 3 LPs on Tiny Engines along with a slew of EPs and splits. They'll still play in your kitchen or anywhere, really.


Meridian is Maxwell Stern, Jacob Stern, Steve Gibson, Tim Carlson and Jeremy Provchy. With members spread out across Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, they occasionally form like Voltron to play a folk-rock blend inspired by The Avett Brothers, Everclear, pinball and whiskey.

Maxwell Stern

Max has spent the last fifteen years writing songs, driving irresponsible distances and yelling to friends, strangers and no one in particular. He currently plays in too many bands and also makes music under his own name. He's played in nearly every contiguous US state, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and China. He is 100% not the person writing this.

He grew up in Cleveland, OH and currently lives in Philadelphia, PA where he tries to ride his bike and call his friends as much as possible.


Alchemy Hours is a record label/publishing company founded in 2017 by Maxwell Stern. It encompasses primarily digital recordings stretching back to the summer of 2008, and will hopefully expand to physical media in the coming months.

This site is updated all the time, but feel free to drop us a line.